Food & Nutrition

At Carousel we work hard to ensure that the children receive balanced, nutritious meals whilst they are in our care. We have two cooks who work in our fully equipped kitchen to produce all of our meals. We offer breakfast, a hot lunch and tea, as well as two snacks during the day and a third snack option at the end of the day for children who are collected later. We offer a range of dishes to provide good variation and to help the children explore new tastes and textures. We understand how important it is that children eat well during the day, so we do offer our children’s favourites more regularly. 

We rotate five menus that you can view below, and these are updated seasonally.

We are also able to cater for special dietary requirements should your child require them. This includes vegetarian, vegan, halal and free from. Please speak to a member of staff if your child has a special dietary requirement. 

We have a food hygiene rating of 5, and all of our staff hold a Food Hygiene & Safety Level 2 qualification. 
Menu #1
Menu #2
Menu #3
Menu #4
Menu #5