Early Learning for a Brighter Future

We deliver an excellent early education to young children, in a warm and caring environment, to equip them with the skills they need to enjoy a bright and happy future.

Welcome to Carousel.

A child’s first five years form the foundation of their lives, and at Carousel we strive to deliver an excellent standard of education and care that ensures all children are given the building blocks they need to thrive in the future. 

During their years at nursery all children learn through play. At Carousel children spend the majority of their time engaged in free play of their choice. Interactions with adults are vital for children’s learning and our nursery practitioners are always playing with the children to guide their learning. Once a day, the children can participate in planned activities led by our practitioners, which are designed to help the children meet their development goals, in accordance with the EYFS.
Young children need to receive warm and loving care, and we pride ourselves on the friendly and dedicated team of practitioners who deliver this. They have a wealth of knowledge about caring for young children, and many bring years of experience to the task of creating happy learners at Carousel.

All children are unique and develop at different rates. At Carousel we cater to each individual child’s needs, as dictated by their personality, their learning and development and any special educational needs they may have. Our practitioners work tirelessly to ensure that each child makes the necessary advancements before leaving our pre-school to start at primary school. 

As a day nursery & pre-school we were rated high-end GOOD by Ofsted at our last inspection on 26th October 2017. You can read the full report here (link).